Andrea F.M. Martinangeli, PhD

Senior Research Fellow
Scientific Manager, ECONLAB laboratory for experimental social sciences
Max Planck Institute for Tax Law and Public Finance, Munich

Curriculum Vitae

My research: I study the impact of inequality, hierarchies, social identities and institutional architectures on social and economic interactions. In particular on social trust, beliefs (what is expected of others), cooperation, demand for public intervention, and tax compliance.

I’m a member of CeCAR – Centre for Collective Action Research, a Gothenburg-based network of scholars focusing on large scale collective action addressing contemporary social, environmental and health challenges.

Welcome to contact me at:
Visiting address: Marstallstr. 8, München, Deutschland
Mailing address: Marstallpl. 1, 80539, München, Deutschland
Tel.:       +49 89 24246-5254
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