Andrea F.M. Martinangeli, PhD

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Associate Professor
   Burgundy School of Business – Université Bourgogne Franche-Comté
   LESSAC – Laboratory for Experimentation in Social Sciences and Behavioral Analysis
   CEREN (EA 7477)
   CeCAR – Centre for Collective Action Research

Member of the BSB Research Ethics Committee

Curriculum Vitae

My research: I study the behavioural and psychological impact of inequality, hierarchies, social identities and institutional architectures on social and economic interactions. I focus in particular on social trust, beliefs (what is expected of others), cooperation, demand for public intervention, and tax compliance.

I’m a member of CeCAR – Centre for Collective Action Research, a Gothenburg-based network of scholars focusing on large scale collective action addressing contemporary social, environmental and health challenges.

Welcome to contact me at:
  Visiting address: 29 rue Sambin – 21006 DIJON – France
  Mailing address: 29 rue Sambin – BP 50608 – 21006 DIJON Cedex – France
  Email: andrea.martinangeli [at]