Beer brewing..

10668911_10204893329152007_772284585511932447_o We started brewing our own beer in the autumn of 2014. Boil the malts, add the hops, lots of them. I like my beer nice and bitter with a fruity feel to it (This is a nasty argument between me and Cris.. she likes hers as sweet as honey)! Cool it down, add the little yeast beasts and let them do their work..

10600596_10204893329752022_2371457691427210649_nIt’s a fun process! Experimenting with flavours, bitterness, colours, giving it a name, computing the alcohol content.. Relaxes the spirit and gives you loads of nice expectation and satisfaction! Reconnects you with the basics, when people had to do most of everything from scratch.. At least until you need to sanitise all the equipment, tubing, fermenters (2 of them), and no less than 44 glass bottles.. Then it becomes kind of annoying!


Pinewood Breeze, we called it.. one of the best!