Current research

Research grant:
Project title: Authority and Collective Action
Funding agency: Swedish Research Council (Vetenskapsrådet)
Co-applicants: Marina Povitkina, Sverker Jagers, Bo Rothstein
Duration: 2020-2023
Amount: 2,305,642 SEK ( 215,700 Euros)

Publications in peer reviewed journals

  • Last Word Not Yet Spoken: A Reinvestigation of Last Place Aversion with Aversion to Rank Reversals, SSRN WP 2019, in the press;
    with Lisa Windsteiger (MPI Munich); Experimental Economics 2020
  • We, the Rich: Inequality, Identity and Cooperation, SSRN WP 2019;
    with Peter Martinsson (U of Gothenburg); J of Economic Behaviour and Organization 2020

Publications in the press

  • Covid-19 and socio-political attitudes in Europe: In competence we trust, VoxEU (CEPR Policy Portal) 2020

Working papers

  • Wind of Change? Survey Experimental Evidence on the COVID-19 Shock and Socio-Political Attitudes in Europe, SSRN WP 2020. On VoxEU, the Conversation;
    with Gianmarco Daniele (U of Milan and Bocconi University), Francesco Passarelli (U of Turin and Bocconi University), Willem Sas (Stirling U and KU Leuven) and Lisa Windsteiger (MPI Munich)
  • Fear and Loathing in Times of Distress: Causal Impact of Social and Economic Insecurity on Anti-Immigration Sentiment,
    with Gianmarco Daniele (U of Milan & Bocconi U), Francesco Passarelli (U of Turin & Bocconi U), Willem Sas (Stirling U & KU Leuven) and Lisa Windsteiger (MPI Munich)
  • Asymmetric Conditional Cooperation: Survey Experimental Evidence from Tax Evasion,
    with Lisa Windsteiger (MPI Munich)
  • Institutional Quality Causes Social Trust: Survey and Experimental Evidence on Trusting Under the Shadow of Doubt, SSRN WP 2020;
    with Sverker Jagers (U of Gothenburg), Marina Povitkina (U of Oslo and U of Gothenburg) and Bo Rothstein (U of Gothenburg)
  • Immigration vs. Poverty: Causal Impact on Demand for Redistribution in a Survey Experiment, SSRN WP 2019;
    with Lisa Windsteiger (MPI Munich)
  • Do What (You Think) the Rich Will Do: Inequality and Belief Formation in Public Goods Provision, SSRN WP 2017, in the press; Revise&Resubmit, J of Economic Psychology;
  • Coordination Via Redistribution, SSRN WP 2017;
    with Peter Martinsson (U of Gothenburg) and Amrish Patel (U of East Anglia)

A Premium of the Riches, with Biljana Meiske (MPI Munich)
The “revelation effect” of the law;
From Hitmen to Businessmen: Survey Experimental Evidence on Strategy Change and Public Perception of Organised Crime, with Gianmaria Campedelli (U of Trento), Gianmarco Daniele (U of Milan and Bocconi U) and Paolo Pinotti (Bocconi U)
Negative shocks and demand for redistribution: exploiting the Covid-19 epidemic in a before-during-after survey experiment, with Lisa Windsteiger (MPI Munich);
Trust in Unstable Environments;
– Authority and collective action, with Sverker Jagers (U. of Gothenburg), Marina Povitkina (U. of Gothenburg, U. of Oslo) and Bo Rothstein (U of Gothenburg);
Legal and Moral Framing in Evasion and Avoidance Decisions,
with Anna Ressi (Otto Beisheim School of Managment)

My coauthor Lisa Windsteiger and I discussing our work