Current research

Projects: Heterogeneity and conditional cooperation (with Lisa Windsteiger, MPI Munich); Trust and instability (with Angelo Romano, MPI Bonn); Immigration, redistribution and anxiety (with Lisa Windsteiger, MPI Munich); Collective action and governance (with Sverker Jagers, U. of Gothenburg, and Marina Povitkina, U. of Gothenburg and U. of Oslo); Legal and moral aspects of evasion and avoidance decisions (with Anna Ressi, Otto Beisheim School of Managment)

Research grant:
Project title: Authority and Collective Action
Funding agency: Swedish Research Council
Applicants: Maryna Povitkina (main applicant), Andrea Martinangeli, Sverker Jagers, Bo Rothstein
Duration: 2020-2023
Amount: 2,305,642 SEK ( 215,700 Euros)

Working papers

  • Immigration vs. Poverty: Causal Impact on Demand for Redistribution in a Survey Experiment, with Lisa Windsteiger (MPI Munich)
    WP 2019, SSRN
  • Last Word Not Yet Spoken: Last Place and Rank Reversal Aversion, with Lisa Windsteiger (MPI Munich); Revise&Resubmit, Experimental Economics
    WP 2019, SSRN; in the press
  • Do What (You Think) the Rich Will Do: Inequality and Belief Formation in Public Goods Provision; Revise&Resubmit, J of Economic Psychology;
    WP 2017, SSRN
  • We, the Rich: Heterogeneity, Identity and Cooperation in Complex Societies, with Peter Martinsson
  • Coordination Via Redistribution, with Peter Martinsson and Amrish Patel
    WP 2017, SSRN
My coauthor Lisa Windsteiger and I discussing our work