216844_1031323342348_5853_nLong winter evenings, jazz, and a hearty glass of (Italian!) wine, or Mötorhead and a glass of rusty bourbon whiskey, or celtic folk and one of smokey scotch ..and chocolate, lots of chocolate! And obviously a sheet of paper on something hard (cookbook usually) and a full nerdy set of pencils, rubbers, putty erasers, chalk, sandpaper, charcoal, sharpeners of any type, shape and colour, and my fingers to smoosh out the graphite. Not too often, but frequently enough.. 600713_10208084306884456_2707208896359378060_nI’m not a drawing-machine, I work on inspiration: an idea, an image, a feeling, that takes shape in my head and gets stuck there until I get it out and put it on paper.. And it’s not linear. Nor necessarily quick.. It might take years to finish one, and it will be the unique of its kind. Or I might get it done in 25 minutes and start making a handful of versions.
It might hang on a wall, or it might not.

And no, I don’t just draw animals..