Running and fishing

On the run!
I’m a passionate runner. Luckily enough, I live close enough to the Perlacher forest in Munich to be able to pay it frequent visits. But nothing will ever beat Sweden in that respect… I spent my Swedish winters waiting for the running days to be back,  remembering Italian christmas eves spent out on the trails before dinner.. Sweden gifted us with vast open spaces and a virtually infinite combinations of running tracks out in the woods, by the lake, up the hill, down by the sea, on which to loosen the tension of hours spent at the desk. This meant I could run my 15 Km and never get bored, enjoying the long summer days, the glorious Swedish summer light, the blue sky reflecting lazy white clouds in the lakes, the never ending sunsets.. And it was obviously never too warm!



1991, Lago Paimún, Nequén province, Argentina (I’m the kid in the green windbreaker)

I started fishing years ago, on the shallow patagonian rivers of southern Argentina with my grandpa and uncle, and later in the US with my uncle. I always wanted to go back to it sooner or later..and what better place for that than Sweden? Only around Gothenburg, 52 lakes! Not to mention the sea.. Sometimes you’re just too tired to run (done it yesterday), no climbing partners around, beer is brewing exasperatingly slowly, and reading another line simply gives you headaches. Then grab that pole and line, a handful of baits, and sit by the lakeside, enjoying the fresh summer air, the beautiful sunset, and the incredible silence, broken only by the periodic pluff of the bait and the whirr of the reel. I still need to figure out how to get that going in Bavaria..